Safe & Sound Designs is Southern California's #1 trend setter in aftermarket customization for you car, truck, SUV or boat.

Safe and Sound Designs was founded 1998 as Safe and Sound, making it one of the oldest mobile and marine stereo installation shops in Los Angeles.  It quickly became famous for providing award winning, quality mobile and marine audio solutions to all of Southern California.  As Safe and Sound grew and needed more space, it merged with Sounds Good and took over Sounds Good’s facility on Independence Ave.  With over 6000 square feet of space available, and led by Stefan Friscia, Safe and Sound Designs, as its now known, had the ability to provide all aspects of automotive customization and restoration.   Rest assured, that SSD will never lose sight of what made them famous -mobile electronic solutions for automobiles and boats.

Stefan’s Bio

Stefan began installing car stereos while still in Jr high. After 3 years at West Valley Vocational Center where he specialized in Auto Mechanics and Electrical Systems, and building on his youthful experience, he began working professionally as a car stereo installer and troubleshooter. Living the credo of doing things the right way the first time, Stefan quickly became a highly sought-after mobile electronics technician. As he was plying his craft in the car stereo world, he never stopped learning and developing his automotive related skills. His thirst for knowledge coupled with his passion for automobiles enabled Stefan to develop his technical abilities well beyond what was required for mobile audio. He became an excellent metal fabricator, welder and designer of custom parts for the rat rod, off-road and restomod market. After years of working for others, some of whom didn’t the share the high standards of craftmanship Stefan set for himself, he took the plunge and became a partner at first, then sole proprietor of Safe and Sound Designs. It was here where he could finally spread his wings and expanded the business to include the areas he was passionate about beyond his love of mobile electronics, giving rise to shops motto All Things Automotive.

Warranties and Guarantees

Safe and Sound Designs honors the manufacturer’s warranties on all parts we sell. In addition, we guaranty our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.