Restomodding Cars in Los Angeles

If you want to take your vintage car and improve all aspects of its performance Safe and Sound Designs can handle that for you.  We can do a complete renovation or do it in phases.  We are proficient in many areas including:

  • Body modifications
  • Chassis modifications
  • Disc brake conversions
  • Engine swaps
  • Installing modern wiring and electrical components
  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Modern fuel delivery systems including fuel injection
  • Air ride and lowering kits
  • Custom wheels and tires

How Modified Cars First Began

Many drivers enjoy modifying their rides, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. We have been customizing and showing off our cars since the beginning of the 20th Century. However, in those days, modifying your car was to often alter the look of their cars to escape the police or to keep a low profile. In the 1930s, that all changed as we started hearing the phrase “hot rod” around Los Angeles. Back then, youths would race their newly enhanced cars on dry lake beds and deserted roads competing as to who had the best or fastest ride.

After World War II, cars built in the twenties and thirties were very affordable, and young [mostly] men began to use their technical skills to modify them. The alterations included newer parts that would turn these relics into faster and better performers. Fast forward to the Sixties and the “Muscle Car Era” featuring lightweight, high-performance cars from every American manufacturer. Hot rods—which would later spawn the rat rod movement—became more of a niche automotive category. Jumping ahead 20 years and cars from the fifties and sixties were now being restored and brought back to their original glory. However, there was and is a select group of car owners who wanted to keep the look of a classic car but incorporate the conveniences and power of a modern automobile, thus giving birth to the Restomod Movement.

What are Restomods?

Restomod is a combination of the words “restoring” and “modification. Safe & Sound Designs loves classic cars and they restore them to their former glory. Adding features like suspension upgrades, power disc brakes, power steering, fuel injection, air conditioning with modern onboard electronics and stereo systems set in a custom interior allows an enthusiast to preserve their classic car’s external beauty while incorporating the innovations of the present. For customers like that, restomodding has become a movement.

Why Should You Try to Restomod?

If you own a rare and unspoiled classic car Safe & Sound Designs might recommend that you do nothing but preserve it. But most cars from the past were made by the thousands and are not very special, those are the cars that are suitable candidates for restomodding. So, if you have such a vehicle, Safe and Sound Designs has the experience and resources to modify and improve your classic.

What Exciting Changes Should You Expect?

Restomods are built according to the driver’s requests. We can work on certain parts of the car to bring it up to date and be more road safe or we can modify your vehicle to where only the body is original. Installing a modern transmission ensures a smoother and easier shifting experience. Older cars with minimal and primitive soundproofing are often very noisy, adding modern noise deadening can change the whole driving experience. Classic cars require modern brakes to meet today’s safety standards. Fitting a new suspension and steering improves overall handling, keeping the car aligned. New and bigger wheels with new radial tires allow for better performance and stability on the road. Further improvements can include headrests with tablets, modern stereo receivers with Bluetooth connectivity, amplifiers, and speakers. You can change up the whole interior, add a theme—the list is endless. To learn more about how you can take your classic to the next level, come to Safe and Sound Designs. We will work with you and your budget to build your classic as you desire.

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